A once-in-a-Lifetime Solar Eclipse!

Warning: Don't look directly at the sun (even during the eclipse) without special glasses

2017 Eclipse Map

Figure out where you need to go to view the 2017 Solar Eclipse, and how to get into the path of totality!

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Travel Advisories

Towns and government agencies have issued travel warnings and food shortage warnings.

Travel Warnings

2017 Eclipse Time

Depending on where you are, figure out the time the solar eclipse 2017 is happening.

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Solar Eclipse Safety

Looking at the sun is dangerous. During a solar eclipse, the same safety applies.

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Welcome here!

This site is dedicated to the 2017 Solar Eclipse and everything you need to know about it

I started this site because I’m headed to the path of totality to view the August 21 solar eclipse 2017. Read our plans here, and share yours:

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