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Information on viewing the Total 2017 Solar Eclipse

Located just out of Vancouver, Canada, we are a family that loves to do activities together. During the last school year, our 2 oldest children, age 6 and 8, learned about the solar system. Part of their curriculum covered solar eclipses, and out of curiosity, we searched when the next solar eclipse is. Funny for us, we learned about the August 21, 2017 total solar eclipse – a once-in-a-lifetime eclipse that is happening this August!

We quickly made plans to see it, and after first considering viewing it in Canada in Victoria (the Southern-most point in British Columbia on Vancouver Island), we really wished the path of totality crossed over Canada.

During a conversation about the eclipse, somebody mentioned the path of totality crossed Oregon, but we didn’t want to spend hours finding a place to stay or camp this late in the game. When I came across a map of the path, by luck in a different online search, I took a deep breath and zoomed in on Oregon…. close to Portland…. and surprise! Wow, the path of totality crosses Salem, Oregon, and I have a brother-in-law that lives a few miles south! The path of totality crosses over their farm!

Now that we know where we’re headed, we’ll be packing up our travel trailer and crossing the border a few days before the total solar eclipse happens. We still haven’t decided how early we need to leave as we will be travelling down the I5 through Seattle and Portland. No one really knows how busy the roads will be, but some cities and states are issuing travel advisories and even suggesting people be prepared for no food and no gas in the vicinity. It could be like a post-apocalypse sort of situations where grocery store shelves are wiped clean! Or, it could be a big bust like Y2k was.We do know that all of the camp sites and hotels are seemingly booked up in the path of totality all across the country, so there is reason to suspect it will be a big deal!

Where are you headed? Let us know in the comments below!

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