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Kentucky Newspaper urges businesses to prepare

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The Paducah Sun published an article on June 21, 2017 that urges local businesses to prepare for a massive influx of visitors.

Nasa is predicting 100,000 to 500,000 people entering the region for the eclipse, and with that many extra people, businesses will have to think through some supply challenges that may be created. For example, there will be a high demand for food, fuel, and grocery supplies, and heavy traffic could affect food and fuel deliveries.

Several restaurants have already planned to store extra food supplies nearby using rented refrigerated trailers.

“We want visitors to the area to have a good experience so they’ll consider coming back for a vacation,” Mike McGregor, District 1 chief engineer said. “By helping businesses to prepare for a number of contingencies based on traffic expectations, we can help minimize the potential for eclipse-related problems.”

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