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When is the Solar Eclipse 2017?

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On August 21, 2017, there will be a total solar eclipse that crosses the continental USA.

Anyone in North America will be treated to a great view of the solar eclipse, provided there are no clouds in the way of course!

There is something called the path of totality – and that is the path that the shadow of the moon will take across the continent. If you are viewing the eclipse from within that shadow, then it’s a once in a lifetime experience! As the moon completely blocks out the sun for a brief period of time, the sky turns dark enough that plants, birds, and other animals will start to perform their nighttime routines. Birds will go in to roost, coyotes may howl, and flowers will start to close up.

The reason this eclipse is so special, is because typically a total solar eclipse (when it does happen, which is already rare) will take the moons shadow across the ocean or uninhabited portions of the earth. Also, if the total solar eclipse happens in the winter season most of the skies will be cloudy and grey and block out the view of the sun. The last total solar eclipse to happen that crossed the United States was way back in the early 1900s.

This makes the 2017 solar eclipse rare enough that millions of people are expected to make the trip into the path of totality. Are you one of them?

image credit: NASA’s Scientific Visualization Studio

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