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Where can you see the solar eclipse?

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You can see the solar eclipse from anywhere in North America. However, for the best viewing experience, you may want to consider travelling to the path of totality. The ‘path of totality’ is the area where the moon’s shadow crosses over during the total solar eclipse. That path starts at Lincoln Beach, Oregon, and travels through Oregon, Idaho, Wyoming, Montana, Nebraska, Iowa, Kansas, Missouri, Illinois, Kentucky, Tennessee, Georgia, and North and South Carolina. The total eclipse will leave North America near Charlseton, South Carolina.

This map shows the path of totality, as well as lines showing the percentage of sun that will be covered. For example, the line marked 90% means that along that line, more than 90% of the sun will be blocked by the moon. That means that over 90% of the sun’s brightness will be blocked, which will seem like dusk in the middle of the day! Animals will think it is nighttime and birds will go in to roost. Some flowers will even start to close up during the eclipse. It truly will be a unique time that is worth experiencing!

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